PanelView 800 Over Remote Connection Using an Ewon Cosy 131

I’m unable to download to a PanelView 800 v7 through my Cozy 131. I can upload from the PanelView and fully see its properties in RSLinx. I’m also able to TightVNC into the PanelView. I have changed to TCP 443 and increased the CCW timeout to 15 sec (max) and still do not have any luck. The error in CCW is:

Connecting to graphic terminal…
Preparing device for download. This may take some time to execute…
Downloading application…File download failed!

I’ve rebooted the PanelView and Cozy many times since making the port changes. I am also able to download to a Micro850 PLC on the same network without issues. Any other suggestions?

This happened after a firmware update from v5 to v7 on the PanelView 800.

This is a know problem with CCW:

It appears that Rockwell broke the ability to download over VPN. We are trying to find a solution, but the changes to CCW are obviously beyond our control. We will update the above thread when and if we find a solution to this problem.

Here is the fix:
Required to update CCW to v21 but it will disable VNC viewer. Wait for the next update from Rockwell

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Thank you for sharing Tom!