Profibus Net Tool Slave Module error


I’m looking for some insight into this Module error preventing me from going online with a VFD Profibus DP slave module.


These should be error codes coming back from the profibus device itself. You should be able to get more info by using the monitor/modify mode and viewing the properties.


I cannot go online, therefore I cannot monitor. Is it possible or likely that the GSD file is not compatible? I work for Eaton and I use your Profibus and Devicenet X-gateways to field test communication issues isolated from the customer’s network. Siemens is the integrator at this site and they also cannot get any date from the Profibus cards.

Hello @Jstover73,
This could be an issue with the GSD not matching the deivce. did you add it manually? It might not be able to match up the modules of the device with the GSD file.
If you delete the device from the bus then rescan do you get the same scan result?


Yes multiple times and if I try to go online this is the error message I get.

I am not sure if there is anything we can do here. This looks like an issue with the GSD file. Have you checked if Eaton has another GSD file?
In the GSD selection tree on the left is the device expandable?
Can you upload the GSD file for me to look at?

Hello Deryck,

The attached GSD file is the only file available for download and is “supposed” to be the right one, although I have not seen any proof that it works.

EATN0EF5.gsd (9.26 KB)

Hi @Jstover73 ,

I am thinking this might not be the correct GSD for this device. It looks like the scan is showing it with a module with 0x02, 0x80, 0x02, 0xc2, 0x41, 0x41. While the EDS files only seem to have the following modules.

Maybe you can With the node selected right click on the first slot and try setting a module and downloading.

Thank you Deryck,

I am in agreement with you that the GSD file is not compatible. I am going to consult with the factory and will let you know the final resolution.