Provide Internet To Devices Through Wireless Bolt

We are trying to provide an internet connection to a Sensoteq Wifi Device. This device collects sensor data and sends it to Sensoteq. Since, this device does not have an RJ45 port on it this means that we must connected it over Wi-Fi. To do this we are planning on connecting a wireless bolt to our Flexy205 in order to broadcast a WiFi network that will provide our Sensoteq device internet access.

I should also note, though I’m not sure that it makes a difference, that this Flexy is being provided internet by way of a 4G extension card.

I have followed the document “How to access the Internet via the eWON (beside Talk2M VPN)” and the forum titled “Allow internet to LAN devices on Flexy205” but have not had success in getting the bolt (or the flexy’s LAN) to provide an internet connection. I do not yet have the Sensoteq device connected to the bolt so for the time being am testing internet connectivity with my laptop. Is there anything else that I would need to change or anything that I should double check to make this work?

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Hi @aadams,

I often recommend this doc since it is a little more straight forward. It changes all the same settings but does it though the com.cfg file. It works for the Flexy as well as the cosy.

How to access the Internet via the Cosy (beside Talk2M VPN) (

You might need to consider what device is being setup to act as the DHCP server. You will want to make sure the ewon LAN IP is set as the gateway, for both devices you want to reach the internet and devices you want to remote into.

You should also keep in mind the Bolt can only be an access point for a maximum of 7 devices.