RE: Error in ARGOS

Hi Siobhan,

Arrived into New Castle around 10pm. At work a bit after 6am. The days of straight to site from a flight are past me now – thank goodness.

We have been on the phone with Tim of Deryck’s office who connected to us on Teamviewer. Current suspicion is AT&T issue and that we need to try an alternative. Only T-Mobile and AT&T provide compatible
service for Netbiter here in US. And T-Mobile does not have extensive coverage. Not good for a railway project.

Tim is raising a ticket with AT&T to find if something changed on the 17th Jan 2020 or soon that could have stopped connection.

FYI: The HMS SIM card is essentially a pre-configured AT&T SIM. Unlikely to make a difference.

Your own review seems to be heading in the same direction. An alternative to Netbiter EC350 may be needed. Is the EC360 a viable alternative?


Philip Heiner

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