Standard configuration via SD Card

Hello everybody

For our serial production plants we use an eWON Flexy 205 with a GSM and a Wifi Card and our automation department would like to make the initial configuration easier for the people in the production of the plants.

In other words:
We would like to have a single SD card that loads the complete configuration consisting of:

  • Firmware Upgrade of the eWON itself (14.2s0)
  • Firmware Upgrade of the GSM card (v26 to v28)
  • complete configuration consisting of:
    • comcfg.txt
    • config.txt
    • program.bas
    • var_lst.csv
    • certificates saved in /usr to be able to connect to azure cloud automatically
    • T2M.txt (with the configuration that automatically logs the eWON to eCatcher)

Is this possible? From my own experience I need at least 4 SD cards (1x FW ewon, 1x FW GSM card, 1x backup.tar, 1x T2M.txt for autoregistration in eCatcher)

Thanks in advance

Hi @pstark,

I think that you should be able to upgrade the firmware of the eWON by using a .EBU file and have the device do a recovery to the newest firmware, then that way the modem firmware can be called “ewonfwr.edf”.

I’m not quite sure if there will be an issue with having a .EBU file and a .EDF file but based off this section of the manual below I think it should be ok


As for the other part, I think you should just be able to use a backup of the device and use the easy registration key for eCatcher like it’s shown in the post below:

See the following documents for more info

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