Subject: Ubuntu OpenVPN Server and Industrial VPN Router OpenVPN Client :

Please send a new backup.

Please remove last 2 lines in your hms_client.ovpn file

You’re on your own with this. Can you ping the Flexy from the OpenVPN server? If not, find out why.

I attached a new backup of flexy. Check it & revert back.

After removing two lines in my hms_client.ovpn file i also have same error like Options error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in /var/run/OpenVPN-qyhtri:1: client (2.0.9). I also check the ping from Openvpn server to flexy. It looks fine.
Which version of openvpn use for communication for the same?


Hey kyle,

We have one customer that have their own cloud (amazon AWS server )and wants to communicate with eWON rather than talk2M

Is it possible to connect flexy with third party amazon AWS server ?

They have an urgent requirement like this…can u help me as soon as possible?

And please give us the feasibility of the same.

Yes, you can run OpenVPN on public cloud. However, it is not officially supported by HMS. The OpenVPN instructions above were put together by the Americas region (who runs If you have a project where you need urgent support, you need to contact and work with your local HMS support team. You can open a ticket with them by going to . Since you are in India, I am unable to officially take your case, but I can provide some support through the forum. I would recommend starting fresh with the above instructions being especially careful to complete each step. Your settings look ok but something must be wrong with your keys. I am going to be working on cleaning up the instructions and making them easier to follow in the future.

Hi kyle,

I have tested hms_client.ovpn file (Ubuntu VPN Client) with Ubuntu VPN Server. It communicates fine and i got ping from Ubuntu VPN Client to Ubuntu VPN Server.

I have tested that same with Windows VPN Client & Windows VPN Server and i got the same result. It communicates fine.So, I Guess there is no issue with keys.

If I use the same Server & Client configuration files in flexy it gives me an error message like Options error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in /var/run/OpenVPN-qyhtri:1: client (2.0.9).

I am using openvpn version 2.4.0. Is flexy supports the openvpn version 2.4.0 ?

I have attached Server & Client log files and Screenshots of tun network appears after Successfully run the code.

Please share your views for the same.

Serverlog.txt (22.3 KB)

Clientlog.txt (1022 Bytes)

My set up was with firmware version 13.0. Can you try with that firmware?

Hi kyle,

Gentle Reminder…

I will try and revert you…

I am using 2.4.0 openvpn server…Is flexy compitable with openvpn version 2.4.0 ?

Because in one document of hms i read eWon is based on openvpn version 2.0. it may not work in higher version of openvpn.

Yes, it has been tested with 2.4. Make sure to make a backup of the eWON because when reverting it will clear the settings.

I have update the draft of the OpenVPN Server Configuration App Note to make it easier to follow and more general for different types of infrastructure. Please keep in mind that you should have prior experience with OpenVPN and Linux networking before attempting to implement this solution, and it is not officially supported by HMS at this time, just a general guide for those looking to implement their own OpenVPN infrastructure instead of using our Talk2M platform.

openVPN App Note Rev 2.pdf (287.5 KB)

Hi kyle,

Thank you for the support.

I have successfully connect eWon with third party server.

But I got stuck at one place. I can’t access the other end of the LAN port of eWon.

Should we get the LAN and WAN routing capabilities with such type of third party cloud VPN service that we did with the native Talk2M server?

No, not by default. Talk2M uses it’s own highly customized configuration. You will have to configure your server’s routing and firewall settings for your own application. You can refer to the Digital Ocean guide’s Step 6 for some information on that. I would like to eventually create a guide to illustrate some sample configurations but I don’t have time atm. Keep in mind, by default the clients cannot communicate with each other. To enable you will need to un-comment “client-to-client” in the server.conf file. The server.conf file contains a lot of information as well, so read through that and here is another good source of information:

This is the reason that I advise anyone considering building their own OpenVPN infrastructure to have prior OpenVPN and Linux networking experience, or be prepared to do a lot of homework.