Table in ViewON? Download historical log from ViewON?

My customer wants to be able to view historical tag info as a table in their ViewON interface. I’m not sure if this is possible. I figure it would be easier to view large amounts of data if they just download the logs as a CSV instead.

Is there a sample ViewON project you can send me that does this? Is there an easy way to let them to filter the download to a particular tag or a few tags? Is there an easy way for them to specify timeframe?

I’m guessing this might require some scripting


In viewon, there’s a historical trend graph but no historical table readily available.

You could make a custom HTML page using java script.
A good guideline to follow would be the ‘advanced custom html report’ topic, located here:

One way to download the historical log data through viewon is to create a button that goes to a URL configured with an Export Block Descriptor (EBD) for historical log data.

You can customize your EBD to export historical data for all tags, a particular tag or group of tags. You can also customize the EBD to only pull data from a specific time frame. I use the Export Block Descriptor helper here to create my custom EBDs:

In this example, I create a button that downloads all my historical data in a text file by going to the following URL:

IP/rcgi.bin/ParamForm?AST_Param=$dtIV$ftT (screenshot below)


../../rcgi.bin/ParamForm?AST_Param=$dtHT$ftH$st_d1$fnLog (compatible with M2web)


You could create multiples buttons using different EBDs for different time frames or tag groups.

If you want it to be configurable in the viewon page then you’ll need to create a custom HTML page using javascript.

How do I clear the historical logs completely?


To clear out your historical logs, navigate to System Setup > Storage > Erase & Format, and then check the box next to “Erase ircall.bin”. Enter your password in the “password required” field, click on “Update config”, then reboot the Flexy.


When I download the entire historical log there is no column for the tag name. How do I download a file that will show the historical logging values, including the tag names, that I can open in Excel?


The EBD that includes a historical TABLE will show the tag names while the historical log shows tag “ids” instead.

You can configure your EBD at the end of the URL above to include a historical table instead.


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When I try to add buttons with links to download I just get a blank page when I go through M2Web.

Viewon Screenshot:

Screenshot of what I see after clicking the button:

Do I need to format the URL differently for it to work in M2Web? I tried doing just the /rcgi part without an IP and I get a similar result.


Try formatting the link like this:


This will tell the button to use the directory rather than a static IP address.

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Wanted to know, why we need to put “rcgi.bin/ParamForm?AST_Param=”? Does it necessary or we can modify it based on our own? How can i modify it?

Thank you

Could you please explain your question a little further and give an example? Thanks.

Hi kyle,
From the example above, when we try to use viewON to load our historical alarm table, we need to use “load action”. The URL that we need to key in is “IP/rcgi.bin/ParamForm?AST_Param=$dtAH$ftT$fnLog.csv”.

Is that “/rcgi.bin/ParamForm?AST_Param=” is a must?
And the file name is “$fnLog.csv”, could i randomly put a file name or i need to follow some rules or it had been predetermined?

Thank you!

Yes, you need the “IP/rcgi.bin/ParamForm?AST_Param=" part, but you can make the file name something else.


I have configured following url in my viewon page to download last 30 days alarms.


I hope, this will help.

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Hi kyle,
Thanks a lot.

Hi Mihir,
Thanks for the reference:blush:

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