Virtual Machine Cannot Connect to eWon



I have a Windows 10 virtual machine that is running eCatcher 6.3.6 build 26539. I am able to sign into my eCatcher account and see what eWons are online. When I go to connect to one it gets all the way through the process then gets stuck at “Configuring Local Interface”. This VM has been cloned but no one else is trying to connect at the same time I am.

I found the post by @berkot Paid Account cannot have concurrent Connections and followed the solution discussed by @jseanor but it only caused a different error to occur.

Error: When using --ip-win32 netsh, if you have more than one TAP-Windows adapter, you must also specify --dev-node

I then found another discussion that said to run the file “renametap.vbs” but that got me right back to my original issue where it gets hung up at “Configuring Local Interface”.


Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. We’re experiencing some server issues right now. I just updated our banner with a link for the status of the devices but here’s the link if you want to check it. We’re waiting on hearing back from the Belgium team that’s working on this


The issue I am having has been an issue for about a week but I just finally got around to asking about it as it is not urgent at this time. My colleague using the cloned VM could connect to his account and to customers eWon’s last week and as recently as Friday, April 12 but I was not able to. I apologize for leaving this information out.

I will wait for the server issues to be resolved and test once more and update this post with the results. Thank you for the information!


I see that everything looks to be back up and running for Talk2M. I tried again and it resulted in the same error. I can connect to my account via eCatcher, but when I go to connect to a eWon, it makes it through the process, then fails with this error message.

VPN tunnel error:> STATE: 1555349449,CONNECTED,ERROR,{IP Address},{IP Address}



Is there any way that I can jump on and take a look on teamviewer?