vLAN tag in anybus IP for profinet


I got the microzed board and it has anybus IP for profinet running on it. To enable communication with the master, I am using Profinet master simulator from anybus. I am using the example code supplied (speed example with 2 ADIs: Ref Speed and Speed). I am able to see the packets communicated between the master and slave (microzed board) on Wireshark, however, VLAN tag field isn’t present in the same and I want to include the same. What steps would be required to have VLAN tag in the frame?

Also, how does the example works, I am able to see io data and channel diagnosis and io structured view dialogs on the Profinet master simulator, however, I am not sure how to make changes in the speed adi. A similar example was provided for EtherCAT and I was able to transmit and receive the same value as entered, how can this be accomplished on profinet?

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