Where can I download Anybus Configuration Manager?

I have an Anybus product and I need to know where to download the Anybus Configuration manager. Can you please help?


You can grab the Configuration software from the Files and Documentation for your respective device. You should be able to go to https://www.anybus.com/support/ and enter you article number into the quick find box.

Here is an example for a communicator with Anybus Configuration Manager - communicator

and a for an x-gateway with Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway


It’s not there !!! :frowning:

Go to anybus.com/support and in the top right corner, enter the article number of the device (ex: AB7072) and it will show the downloads for that device. (There are a few different versions of ABCM depending on which model you are using)

I just checked the above links and they are all still working, so you may be having problems with your browser or PC.

hi kyle

aha !

it didnt work if you enter ab9006 as the product

cheers jm

Hi John,

You’re right, looks like the search is broken for AB9006, we’ll have to take a look at that. If you google “anybus+ABxxxx” it usually comes up with the product page as the first result too if that ever happens again.



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