Cannot Scan Samsung NASA

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I Have recently purchased the Protocol Translator INMBSSAM016O000 for Samsung NASA R1/R2 to Modbus from your institution.

I have connected the R1/R2 wires as mentioned in the documentation, however, while scanning for Samsung Units it got the following error: “Unable to start the Samsung Scan process”

I have consulted your blog for further details, I noticed that the address should be set manually on the Outdoor Unit as per the link

Initially, it was set to auto, I change the channel address to 1, but unfortunately, the INMBSSAM016O000 is not able to discover the devices on the network, it been more than 15 mins the scanning process is idle snapshot below.

I don’t know what I have missed out, can someone please guide me on the proper channel?

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Per the user manual have you configured the Samsung unit to accept “Central Control”? There are two notes within the User Manual with communicating with the AC.

To properly communicate with the Intesis, take into account following considerations:

  • Samsung NASA AC network allows for both automatic and manual addressing. Manual addressing of both indoor and outdoor units must be setup by Samsung installer in order that Intesis communicates properly. Manual addressing is setup by means of DIP switches in outdoor unit and using the remote controller or DIP switches in the indoor unit.

  • Samsung NASA indoor units need to be configured to accept ‘central control’. To do so, they need to be configured with so-called ‘installation option code’ in which segment 5 of this code needs to be set to value ‘1’ to allow central control. Connect the Samsung NASA bus to connectors A3 (R1/+), A4 (R2/-) of gateway’s PortA. Respect the polarity

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Can you please advise how to configure the Samsung Unit to accept the “Central Control” please?.
Additionally, can you please advise which User Manual are you referring to, if possible can you please share the link?.

In-fact, I am referring to page 12 of the INMBSSAM016O000 User Manual.

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Unfortunately, i do know know the procedure for the Samsung unit. We do have any of the AC units to test on our end. You may need to review the AC manual, or reach out to the manufactorer.

As for the link to the documentation, it is found below:

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I did exactly the same process as you mentioned in this thread.
The INMBSSAM016O000 is able to scan the network that is the discovery of both Indoor Units and Outdoor Units.

Many thanks for your help, you may now close this ticket.
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