Create hms-en2pb-r Module issue Studio 5000


Hi, Im trying to setup an hms-en2pb-r module in Studio 5000, version 31.00.00.

When i search for it in the list of modules, i can see it pop up. But when i try to create mark and create it. i get a message refering to a network catalog that i not present on my computer.

When i try to select the folder with the HMnetComm.msi i get a message "The file C:\User… is not a valid installation package for the HMS Ethernet_IP Linking Device anymore. Search for a catalog containing the installation package HMEnetCOm…

I have tried to move the file to difrent folders and also tried starting studio 5000 in administrator mode in widows. Also tried to run the “HMS_V1.02.11_RELEASE” MPSetup installer but it does not seem to do anything. The details in the installer shows me that the module is already installed.


When i run trough the installer it is not posible to select any modules to install. When install is complete i can’t find the HMEnetComm.msi file anywhere.

This is my Rockwell RSLogix module profiles folder on my C: drive.

Don’t know what else to do. Please help.



Hello Martin,

It looks like the AOP might not be fully installed for you. Are you using network drives for the studio installation? Can you try installing the following AOP directly to you PC?

Let me know if this helps.