ECosy 131 setup IP Address

I have created a Talk2M account. I have port 4(the WAN port) connected to my Cable Modem. LAN port 1 running to my laptop. In EBuddy, I changed the IP address of the ECosy from the default( to one that is on my subnet but not being using. After watching the second video, I attempted to change that address too: However when I open that address in the browser I see an a “Internet Connection error” with the Internet Connection and Talk2M Connection buttons in red.

If I use the factory default address of I don’t get that error, but the IP addresses assigned by my cable modem router start at

Can you tell me what I need to do in order to set this up correctly. I watched all the videos. Seems I’m missing something
Thanks for your time
Greg White


The issue is because you are actually creating a conflict between your WAN & LAN networks.
The eBuddy address and the addresses handed out by your internet router must be in completely different networks. By you setting 192.168.0.X in eBuddy and your internet router handing out 192.168.0.X it is creating a conflict preventing your device from reaching the internet.

This topic may help: Lan/WAN Incompatibility

In order to resolve this you will need to ensure that the two networks are separate. For example, setting the LAN (your machine network) to 192.168.10.X should resolve it. This is the reason it works when using, you are removing the conflict thus allowing the eWON to reach the internet.

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Thanks for your help. Everything is working now.
A very nice piece of hardware and I’m more than happy with it.


Excellent news! Glad to hear. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to submit another topic!