Lan/WAN Incompatibility

Recently my company started using eWON devices and I am trying to set up my first one.
When I was on the webpage running the wizards I got an error message. “Lan and Wan
are conflict.” Though it also said “LAN WAN incompatibility when running the wizard”

I did check and my addresses are not conflicting.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m not used to this stuff.

Hello there,
The issue you are seeing is because you have what is called a LAN/WAN conflict.
When we are looking for a conflict between the WAN and LAN interfaces, we do
not necessarily need to look at the 4th octet. The conflict is not with the .93 and .1 addressing.

You are conflicting with the overall network. Both of your interfaces are in the 192.168.120.X
network range. That is a conflict. With the eWON units, you have to remember that they are
at their hearts routers. Inherently, routers cannot have both interfaces in the same network or
there is nowhere to route!


Conflict = TRUE

Conflict = FALSE

You need to ensure that both networks are in fact different.

Jose, thanks for your quick response.

I only have 1 WAN connection available to the eWON and I can’t change my eWON LAN IP because I have PLCs and other devices using the 192.168.120.X network range. Is it possible to get this working even though I can’t change my eWON LAN IP or change my internet source??

If you are unable to change your WAN connection and your eWON LAN IP then you can install an inexpensive router before your eWON WAN to give out DHCP in a different subnet than the eWON LAN. This will resolve the conflict between the WAN and LAN interfaces.

I’d suggest getting your company’s IT department’s permission/support before installing the router as it may cause other conflicts if setup incorrectly.