Embeded Login

Hello there.
I am struggling to embed code for the logging page (https://m2web.talk2m.com/) on my web site.
Code I am using:

<iframe src=“https://m2web.talk2m.com/” style=“height:200px;width:300px;” title=“Login”>

I get back an error message : m2web.talk2m.com refused to connect.

Can you help me please ?
Thank you


I think this post on embedding the M2Web login may help with your setup.


Hello there.
Thank you for getting in touch with me.
Unfortunately when embed the iframe it’s blocked by host and not allows to display the content

Sorry do you mean M2Web is rejecting the connection or do you mean that your device won’t connect to the Iframe?

The meweb it’s rejecting the connection.
Thank you

Is this post any help? Or is there a specific rejection message that you’re getting from M2Web? insert view into custom page

m2web.talk2m.com refused to connect.
This I get back when trying to conect to m2web

Hi @beginn,

I’m escalating this to my colleagues on the development team to see if they know what may be causing this error for you.


Thank you very much.
Apreciate that.

My colleague was saying he thinks it may be an incompatibility with M2Web. He was asking if he could have access to this to try and test it with the new version of M2web that’s set to release in the near future?

Hello there, yes of course.
What do you need from me?
Thank you

Where are you trying to create this embedded login? Is it on a device or a ViewON page or somewhere else?

Iam using word press

Could you create us a temporary user login on the eCatcher account, let us know what the login info for the Ewon is, and he was also asking if he could have access to the word press account? If you’re ok with giving us that information, can you send it to me as a direct message?


I cant create a e catcher account as iam doing this job for another person.
What about the word press, I can embedd the code by myself.
As I need just the login form to be able to display on the wordpress site.
If you can send me the code, I will try to embed it.
Thank you

Would they be ok with us temporarily putting this on another eCatcher account or making us a user on their eCatcher account?

My colleague was just hoping to test this on the new version of M2Web that’s being worked on to see if this fixes the issue.

I will double check this with my client tomorrow and get back to you.
Thank you.

Hello there.
The custumer agreed to create a user.
Will inform you once will have the details.
Thank you


Hi @beginn,

What is the name of the account that this is in?