IO extender

Hi, we are having problem to read data from a current /voltage sensor to eWon. The sensor output measured by a multimeter is between 4-20mA and connected to IO Extender A1 but eWon keep reading the data as binary 5digit. Because of this we cant convert the data into readable format such output voltage or current

please advise

Hi @Zakaria

Can you send us a picture of the tag setup for this tag? I just want to make sure that it’s setup correctly.

This reference sheet may be helpful:


Thank you for your prompt reply. Please refer to our attached connection drawing. Please take note that we used 8AIIS extender.

kind regards


UniKL_netbiterConnection.pdf (462 KB)

It looks like these should only be able to measure between 0 and 4095, are you sure there’s 5 digits

What are you reading for those values?

Hi Tim,

please refer to the attached captured screens.

IOExtender1 - shows reading from 9 currents sensor

IOExtender 2- shows reading from 6 voltage sensor

please note that if any of the sensor is connected to Anolgue input of WS, the readings seem acceptable. please refer to WSdata.

Could you send me your system ID so that we can take a look at your setup.

I’m wondering what you’re using for a scale on these. for a range of 0-20ma I believe you’d need a scale of 20/4096 to get the current values you’re looking for

Not sure what do you mean by machine ID

It should be on the back of the device. it usually starts with a 00:30:11

Here is the ID 00:30:11:2B:36:BA, as per attachment

Can you check the input status indicator and tell me what that LED is showing?

Sorry cant tell you off hand, since the equipment is located about 400km from our office. Anyway we ll let you know on our next visit sometime in week 3 of March 20. However, I do remember those LED were not blinking when we left about a week ago.

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Hi Tims, here is our latest led status. Pl note that AI 8 is not connected.A1-A7 are connected, leds are off

Hi @Zakaria,

I’m going to escalate this issue and see what I can find out for you.



Hi Zakaria,

Can you change this value from 0-20 (works for the 0-20000 uA scale) and set it to 0-4095?

Hi Tims,

It is done.

Hi Zakaria,

Just wanted to make sure that this change fixed the values for you?


But some of the readings are already exceeding 4096

I’ll take a look again and see what I can find out

Can we assume those readings exceeding 4096 are out of range