Email to a phone number

I have a customer getting charged for SMS and looking for alternatives. If
they follow this tech note[..]
…specifically the part where you can specify a phone number inthe “email
to” section, do they still get charged for an SMS text or is that considered
an email?


What you can actually do is email to SMS to get around any SMS fees. Most, if not all, cellular providers have an Email to SMS relay. By doing this you can essentially email a text to your phone. So set up email instead of SMS and use the below formatting for the specific carrier. Also this is completely free!

US Carriers

Carrier SMS gateway domain MMS gateway domain
Boost Mobile
Cricket Wireless
Project Fi
U.S. Cellular
Virgin Mobile

Relay addresses are subject to change by the carrier. Please contact the carrier if these don’t work. HMS cannot provide support regarding carrier relay services.

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